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Times Squared™ Multiplication Board Game

Times Squared™ Multiplication Board Game

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Times Squared™: Multiplication Mastery

Introduce your child to the world of multiplication with our Times Squared™ Multiplication Board Game. Crafted with Montessori principles, this game serves as a gateway to independent learning and number sense training, fostering a unique and enriching educational experience. With a versatile age range of 0-12 years, the game seamlessly adapts to various developmental stages, ensuring continuous math fluency development as your child grows.


Durable Learning Delight

Constructed from high-quality wood, this educational gem offers a durable and safe play experience, standing the test of time. The interactive gameplay transforms the process of learning arithmetic into a fun and effective adventure. As a comprehensive learning tool, the set includes a 99 multiplication table, providing a complete math arithmetic teaching aid that enhances cognitive skills in an entertaining manner.


Holistic Math Adventure

Embrace a holistic approach to learning with Times Squared™ Multiplication Board Game. The timeless appeal of wooden craftsmanship meets educational excellence in this product, offering a perfect addition to any learning environment. Games like rolling two dice to multiply or using multiplication cards enhance the interactive experience, making math fluency development a thrilling journey for your child. Unleash the world of numbers with our Montessori-inspired educational toy, cultivating a lasting love for learning in a captivating and enriching manner.


How to play

Game 1: Throw two dice and multiply the two numbers on the dice.  Whoever finds out the answer and places their token on the correct answer first wins.
Game 2: Turn over the card and quickly find the answer. The player who places their token on the correct answer first wins and collects the card.  The player who has the most cards at the end of the game wins. (2-4 players)

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